Building On Our Values

Stoehr Companies was conceived on the premise of offering top quality general contracting services at fair, competitive prices for all facets of commercial construction. The following guidelines represent the basis for which we approach every opportunity.

“Urgency” is the word of the day. We believe that every project and every task are undertaken with a sense of urgency. Deadlines, time lines, and milestones are the measuring sticks for our work. Therefore, every hour of every day needs to be productive, and no days must pass without some sense of progress. To do otherwise will adversely impact the success of a project.

Each client’s project is our “most important.” Although our projects must carry a project identification number for accounting and tracking purposes, each of our projects are referenced by the project name, reminding our staff and team, that this is a client-oriented business, and we are personally attached to every aspect of the successful completion of these projects.

Clients deserve more than “on time” and “within budget.” While every client should expect delivery of the project “on time” and “within budget,” we know that differentiation lies in the, quality, details, professionalism, and integrity of the contractor.

An informed client is a satisfied client. Good or bad, we strive to keep our clients informed. This is the basis for building a business with integrity and establishing long-term relationships.

Technology is vital to delivering what we promise. Our implementation of the most up-to-date computer and Internet technology allows us to plan, track, and document our projects in the most detailed, professional, and organized methods available to our industry. Our ability to provide instantaneous communications and documentation allows us to eliminate many issues and potential delays by immediately identifying and rectifying them.

Our managers and superintendents look for solutions not problems. A successful project means it has met and exceeded the client’s expectations. The definition of a successful project is one for which the client is full of praise, and can be added to our growing list of references.

Performance is the test of any business. We rely on our reputation and references from years of superior performance. Our financial stability and reputation with architects, subcontractors, and professionals in our field is a direct result of consistently delivering what we promise and maintaining the highest level of integrity.

Manage informed subcontractors honestly. We work with subcontractors who want to work with us. We go to extremes to assure our subcontractors are qualified, competitive, and complete in scope and pricing. We also assure that they share the same team mentality and philosophies we work so hard to convey.

Safety is a priority. We develop and maintain safe working environments, with ongoing monitoring and updating of our company safety program. This program is presented and adhered to by all subcontractors on each project. Continued education for employees and managers assures that we are in compliance with all local, state, and federal requirements.